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Journey of a DJ into a Dream

How It All Began

Planning a wedding, business function, or even a small personal event? I know just what kind of music you need to make it a success. In 2003 I married my soulmate, we were young but decided to get married by the court. We tried having a big wedding 5 years after we got married by the court but of course life, children and finances said you're not ready. 2008 I started to DJ, I borrowed some DJ equipment from a buddy and played music for my son's 10th Birthday. From there I was asked to DJ a quinceanera from my cousin and I said I'm not a DJ but I would play music for her and that's how my journey started as a DJ.  

After the quinceanera, I was asked to DJ here and there buy referral only. In 2012 my wife and I had the opportunity to buy our first home, but that was the year of our 10year anniversary when I promised my wife we will have our big wedding. So I asked her if she wanted a house or a wedding? She chose the house but knowing how torn she was I decided to sell my motorcycle and put the deposit for the hall so we could get married and have both. I started a new business and cash flowed the wedding expenses with whatever I made with the new business. After the wedding, I was a changed man!!! At that point, I knew how special weddings are for both the Bride and the Groom, even though most grooms have no idea how it would change their lives forever. Shortly after my wedding I started going to weddings of friends and family and started to notice the DJs and there were some really good ones and there were some not so good ones. That's when I decided to become a professional wedding DJ because I wanted to make a difference in people's weddings. I love (love) and know how special a wedding is also know how stressful it could be planning one and overwhelming the cost is. Overall I wanted to help create the most beautiful and fun wedding I could possibly provide to my clients, I wanted their dreams to come true. 

I decided to follow the best wedding DJs and study the art of MCing and DJing. From there I enrolled in seminars and webinars for DJ professionals, eventfully joined The League of Professionals in Los Angeles and Orange County. I upgraded all of my equipment for my clients and started Dream Event DJs to provide the best service as a professional DJ for Weddings and Corporate events. Here at Dream Event DJs we primarily provide service to weddings (it's about 85% of our clients) but we do also provide services for corporate and private events.  Contact me today and find out how I can make your next event a huge success. You give me the dates, we’ll negotiate the rates, and together, we’ll make your event one to remember.

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